School General Information

School General Information

Yokohama Jogakuin 2017-2018 Schedule

April 6 Entrance Ceremony for 7th Graders
April 7 Opening Ceremony of Term
April 10 Orientation
April 12 Regular Classes Begin / Emergency Drill 1
April 21 7th Grade Excursion
April 26 Easter Chapel
April 27 Open Classroom Day
April 29 National Holiday ( No School)

May 1 7th through 12th Grades Take Tests
May 2 Performing Arts Appreciation Day (No Classes)
May 3 Constitution Day (No School)
May 4 Greenery Day (No School)
May 5 Children’s Day (No School)
May 13 Parents Day( 7th~11th )
May 19 Pentecost Chapel
May 24〜26 12th Grade Mid-Term Exams
May 29〜June 2 12th Grade Visits Universities
May 29〜June 1 12th Grade goes to Cultivation Camp( Hachigakukai )
May 29〜31 7th through 9th Grades Mid-Term Exams
May 30〜June 1 10th~11th Grades Mid-Term Exams

June 1 7th ~9th Grades Excursion
June 1 10th Grade Career Study
June 1 11 th Grade Orientation for U.S. Trip
June 2 Make-up Exams ( No Classes )
June 6 12th grade takes test
June 14 Flower Day Chapel
June 17 English Day Camp
June 22〜23 Sports Festival
June 24 English Day Camp

July 1 English Day Camp
July 3 10th~12th Grades Take Tests
July 10 Closing Chapel for Summer
July 11〜31 Summer Courses 1
July 13〜15 7th Grade English Brush-Up Course
July 18〜21 9th and 10th Grades Study Camp
July 18〜21 8th Grade English Brush –Up Course
July 20〜28 7th and 8th Grades Summer Camp ( Hachigakukai )
July 24〜26 10th Grade English Brush-Up Course

August 17〜20 7th and 8th Grades Study Camp
August 17〜23 9th and 10th Grades have Intensive Computer Classes
August 17〜24 Summer Courses 2
August 25 Opening Chapel

September 4〜7 10th~12th Grades Term Exams
September 5〜7 7th~9th Grades Term Exams
September 7 10th and 11th Grades Career Guidance
September 8 Make-up Exams ( No Classes )
September 12 School Foundation Chapel
September 13 School Foundation Day (No School)
September 18 Respect for the Aged Day National Holiday (No School)
September 21 10th~12th Grades Take Tests
September 23 Autumn Equinox Day National Holiday ( No School )
September 29 Chorus Contest

October 6 Closing Ceremony of 1st Term
October 9 Sports Day National Holiday (No School)
October 10 Opening Ceremony of 2nd Term
October 13 9th Graders leave for New Zealand
October 21 Parents Day( 7th~11th )
October 24 9thGrader return from New Zealand
October 25 9th Grade Substitute Holiday
October 27 Emergency Drill 2

November 1 Preparation Day for School Festival
November 2〜3 School Festival
November 6 Substitute Holiday
November 10 Open Classroom Day
November 13 7th~11th Grades Take Tests
November 14〜15 8th Grade Work Training Days
November 20 Thanksgiving Chapel
November 23 Labor Thanksgiving Day National Holiday (No School)
November 28〜30 11th Grade Mid-Term Exams
November 28〜December 1 12th Grade Term Exams

December 4〜8 11th Grade School Trip to Nagasaki
December 5~7 7th~10th Grade Mid-Term Exams
December 8 Make-up Exams ( No Classes )
December 22 Christmas Chapel
December 25~28、Jan.4~6 Winter Courses

January8 Coming of Age Day National Holiday (No School)
January 9 New Year Chapel
January19 Emergency Drill 3
January22 Students’ Council Election

February 1~4 Junior High Entrance Exams (No Classes)
February9 7th~11th Grades Take Tests
February11 National Foundation Day (No School)

March 1 Graduation Ceremony Rehearsal
March 2 Graduation Ceremony
March 5~8 10th and 11th Grades Final Exams
March 6~8 7th ~ 9th Grades Final Exams
March 9 Make-up Exams ( No Classes )
March 21- Vernal Equinox Day ( No School )
March 23- Closing Ceremony of Term
March 24~April 3- Spring Courses

Yokohama Jogakuin Clubs

Teachers Involved: Ms. Takeuchi Mr. Suzuki Ms.Hariganeya Mr.Kawaumi
Number of Students: 53
Club details: Practice and playing badminton.
Upcoming Events:
April: High School game May: High School game
August: Junior High game
December: High School and Junior High games
March: Junior High game

States Club
Teachers Involved: Mr. Shirai Ms.Nakagoshi Mr. Katayama Ms. Ozeki Mr.Fujii
Number of Students: 40
Club details: Study American culture, history, and lifestyle.
Visit the USA (Washington D.C., Virginia, and New York) and stay with American families.
Prepare an exhibition for the school festival.
Upcoming Events:
July- August: Home stay program
November: School Festival
Additional Information:
We can learn a lot in the States Club. We can also experience things we can’t in Japan.
Why don’t you try and join us when you become a high school student!
We are looking forward to you coming!!

Teachers Involved: Mr.Yagisawa Ms. Nakada
Number of Students: 12
Club details:
Recitation of “Heike Monogatari”
Produce tanka (a kind of Japanese poem), poems, and novels
Upcoming Events:
Summer: Going to Kyoto to visit the scenes and setting from “Heike Monogatari”
Additional Information:
We love to eat and chat a lot. We are also making good friendships.

Yokohama Christian Association (YCA)
Teachers Involved: Mr. Tashiro Ms. Nakagoshi
Number of Students: 24
Club details:
We begin every meeting in greeting each other in English.
Then there is Bible reading in both English and Japanese.
English related lesson and discussion of the Bible verse.
Upcoming Events:
November: Bunkasai Sweet Shop

Volleyball Club
Teachers Involved: Mr. Kamihira Ms Dejima Mr.Fujii
Number of Students: 16
Club details:
Our main goal is to promote friendships
between teammates as we learn and enjoy the game of volleyball together.
We place friendship before the win and loss record.
Additional Information:
We welcome new members wanting to join our club!!

Nature Club
Teachers Involved: Ms. Ogawa Mr. Miyashita
Number of Students:17
Club details:
Producing vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, beans, etc.) in the school garden.
Upcoming Events:
Summer: Weeding and working to plant the garden under the hot sun
Autumn: Reap the benefits of our hard work with a harvest
Additional Information:
We would like to have new members, won’t you join us?

Dance Club
Teachers Involved: Mr. Katayama Ms. Fukagawa Ms.Uekama
Number of Students: 60
Club details:
Students have hip-hop dance instruction two to three days a week.
Once a week a specialized instructor comes to instruct the students on routines and dance moves.
Upcoming Events:
November: School Festival (Junior High and High School)
January: Competition for High School
March: Exhibition (Junior High and High School)

Sencha (leaf tea ceremony)
Teachers Involved: Ms.Ando Ms.Watanabe
Number of Students:25
Club details:
Students learn how to serve green leaf tea in a formal way. There are many levels and styles.
Upcoming Events:
November: At the school festival the club has a tea ceremony.
All are encouraged to come and enjoy green tea with Japanese sweets.
Additional Information:
Sencha, leaf tea ceremony, is very different from the so-called “Tea Ceremony.”
While they use matcha,
powdered green tea, which is well known to everyone, we use green leaf tea.
We also have a long history, as old as the other tea ceremony.
It is uncommon for a school to have a leaf tea ceremony club.
Why don’t you get to know the world of leaf-tea ceremony at Yokohama Jogakuin?
We are sure you’ll be satisfied with Japanese tastes that soften and soothe you.

Japanese Calligraphy
Teachers Involved: Ms. Suzuki Ms. Inoue
Number of Students: 29
Club details:
Writing letters in their entirety beautifully with a brush or pencil
Upcoming Events:
The students visit Kyoto and see Heike Monogatari,
which is the theme for the school festival exhibition.
Additional Information:
We are looking forward to the new members to join us.

Teachers Involved: Mr. Tsukamoto Mr.Ukai Ms.Furuta Mr.Sasaki
Number of Students: 24
Club details:
Practice involves catching, batting, pitching, and bunting.
Students work on improving their skills with repetitions, and prepare for games.
Upcoming Events:
Junior High: 5 games through out the season
High School: 7 games through out the season
Additional Information:
We would like to have many students to join our club.

Teachers Involved: Mr. Yoshida Mr. Fukumura Ms. Furuya Ms. Hamada
Number of Students: 62
Club details:
Club members enjoy practice and playing tennis
Upcoming Events:
Tennis matches throughout the year
Additional Information:
We are striving for many wins and progression in our skill level

Teachers Involved: Mr. Shirai Ms. Ozeki Mr.miyashita
Number of Students:
Club details: